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Double Horizontal Recirculatory Air Door for Coolers and Freezers

Energy rebates available
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Better climate control: The recirculatory air door dramatically reduces ice, fog and moisture associated with wide-open doorways.

No interference with daily operations: AirSeal’s invisible dual air barriers allow for unobstructed traffic flow with reduced refrigeration loss and/or heat gain.

Low maintenance: This air door is constructed using galvanized or stainless steel for easy cleaning.

Easy operation: Easily control air speed with the integrated self-regulating EPLC unit, allowing for precise application settings and optimal air mixing temperature control.

Cost-efficient: This air door reduces coil defrosting burden and improves refrigeration cycle efficiency. This air door also eliminates maintenance costs associated with hard panel doors and does not need energy-consuming infrared heat lamps.



A recirculatory air door with a built-in air barrier

AirSeal creates an invisible barrier utilizing high velocity laminar air flow to maintain dual climates, keeping your cold side cold and your warm side warm. Enviro’s 715D double horizontal recirculatory air door is a “smart door” that automatically adjusts to your temperature and humidity changes while maximizing energy efficiency with superior optimization control.

Reduce excess moisture build-up in coolers and freezers

By monitoring and adjusting to any environmental changes, the double horizontal recirculatory air door will significantly reduce fog, ice build-up and moisture commonly associated with wide-open doorways when air exchanges between two different climates. With reduced refrigeration loss/heat gain, no door to maintain and only one moving part, AirSeal is energy-efficient and reduces long-term maintenance costs. In addition, AirSeal doors provide unlimited material handling efficiency with complete visibility through your door openings.

Double horizontal recirculatory air door for coolers and freezers

Additional features of the recirculatory air door

  • Allows for unobstructed traffic flow with minimal loss of refrigeration and/or heat gain.
  • Adjustable and programmable air speed controls, allowing for precise application settings.
  • Integrated self-regulating EPLC controlled heater unit for optimal air mixing temperature control and condensation reduction.
  • AirSeal’s efficiency reduces coil defrosting burden and improves refrigeration cycle efficiency.
  • Electric or hot gas heat reclaim allows for precise application requirements.
  • Eliminates maintenance costs associated with hard panel doors.
  • No need for energy absorbing infrared heat lamps.
  • Reduction of ice, fog and moisture dramatically increases safety and material handling.
  • Fully programmable logic controller with preset modes for maximum energy cost savings.
  • Easy to clean design with standard galvanized metal or optional stainless steel design.



  • Standard sizes range between 6'x6' to 10'x15' with custom options available upon request.
  • Digital display on cooler door.
  • Stainless steel frame construction.
  • Manual/power sliding insulated cooler or freezer door.
  • High-speed fabric roll-up door.
  • Interlock to existing door.
  • Strobe lights.
  • Automatic activation devices for secondary doors.
  • Washdown components.
  • Waste heat reclaim coil for freezer door.
  • Low profile header system.
  • PVC strips.
  • Insulated vestibules.
  • Bollards, thru-guarding and fencing.


• 1 year limited.


Door size range 6'x6' to 10'x15' (additional sizes might be available upon request)
Frame construction Galvanized metal or stainless steel
Enclosure rating NEMA-4
Controls EPLC
Air flow 4,600 cfm (4" water gauge)
Direct drive motor 5 HP