Four-Fold doors

Four-Fold Doors

Four-Fold Doors Provide High-Speed Operation with Maximum Visibility

Fire stations across Canada choose Four-Fold doors when responding to emergencies. Door Engineering’s Four-Fold doors use high-speed operators and customizable glass panels to provide maximum two-way visibility and increase throughput.

Built to perform for over one million cycles and highly applicable for EMS, fire stations and parking garages for maximum throughput.
  • High-cycle application: Four-Fold doors are rated to perform for over one million cycles.
  • High speeds: Opening speeds of up to 24″/sec minimize heat/cooling loss and increase throughput.
  • Maximum visibility: Prevent accidental impact from vehicles with maximum visibility during operation.
  • Easy manual override: Simply pull a cord to operate the doors manually.
  • Reduced maintenance: Reduce maintenance costs compared to traditional spring overhead doors.
  • Customizable: Highly customizable design seamlessly blends into any building.


When Every Second Matters, Four-Fold Doors Deliver

Four-Fold doors operate at high speeds averaging 24″/second—speeds which are significantly faster than conventional overhead and coiling doors which operate on average of 8-12″/second. Minimize heating and cooling losses, increase energy efficiency and maximize throughput with Four-Fold doors.

Four-Fold door
Four-Fold door

Comparing Speeds: Conventional vs. Four-Fold Doors

For a 14’x14′ opening, Four-Fold doors take less than seven seconds to open, while conventional overhead doors take between 14-21 seconds to open.

Four-Fold doors take less than seven seconds to open, while conventional overhead doors take 14-21 seconds to open
Four-Fold doors opening
Four-Fold door

Reliable and Efficient in Emergency Situations

  • Rated to perform over 1 million continuous cycles with operating speeds of up to 24″/second minimize heat and cooling loss and provide reliability.
  • Horizontal movement provides maximum visibility during operation at all times for increased safety.
  • Reduced maintenance compared to traditional spring overhead doors.
  • Ideal for high use areas including EMS, fire halls and parking garages.
  • Door immediately stops operation when photo-eyes detect obstructions, however, in case of accidental impact, soft safety edge prevents damage to vehicles and personnel.
  • Manual operation override with a simple pull of a cord—no springs under tension, chain hoists or heavy lifting required.
  • Fully customize door panels to suit building aesthetic.

Immediate Stop in Case of Obstruction

Four-Fold doors immediately halt operation in case of any obstructions to prevent damage to personnel, vehicles and the door itself.

Four-Fold door

Four-Fold doors require less preventive maintenance than conventional overhead doors during its lifetime

Description Conventional overhead door
15-year outlook
Four-Fold door
15-year outlook
Replacement springs Failure after 50,000 cycles
Cost: $2,000
Cost: $0
Rollers and hinges Replace every five years
($500 x 5 years)
Cost: $1,500
Cost: $0
Bottom sections after collision Based on two collisions over a 15-year lifetime
Cost: $4,800
None; fully visible operation eliminates collisions
Cost: $0
Preventative maintenance Done once a year
Cost: $7,500
Lubricate hinges once a year
Cost: $1,500
Operator maintenance Done every two years
($250 each)
Cost: $1,875
Done every five years
Cost: $0
Operator replacement Replace after 10-15 years
Cost: $1,650
Designed for 30+ years
Cost: $0
Total maintenance cost of a 14'x14' door over lifetime 1.70x
initial cost of door
initial cost of door

*Estimated costs include parts and labour based on 20,000 cycles per year.

Activation Method

The most important aspect of any door project is deciding on your activation method to:

Prevent the door from being hit
Prevent the door from hitting people
Extend the life of the door

Improve productivity
Decrease downtime and maintenance
Save energy


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• 1" insulated vision panels or grilles of the size, shape and location.
• Custom colours and styling available to suit building aesthetic.
• Electric control options: 120VAC single phase, 208VAC single phase, 208/230VAC 3-phase, 480VAC 3-phase.
• Presence sensor: Provide one interior, overhead mounted presence sensor.
• Radio controls: One radio receiver and one single button remote per door. Remotes to open and close doors with single button.
• Timer activation loop detectors (for fire station applications): Provide "pulse on exit type" loop detector to activate auto close timer once loop has been activated and cleared, include hand/auto switch to deactivate timer. G.C. to coordinate installation of preformed loop with installer prior to exterior apron being poured.


  • 3 year limited.


Steel tube ASTM A513 and ASTM A500/A500M
Steel sheets Commercial quality, complying with ASTM A1011/A1011M hot-rolled steel sheet
Fasteners Zinc-coated steel
Weatherstripping Jamb and head weatherstipping of 1/16” cloth-inserted neoprene bulb (or closed cell neoprene)
Push-button enclosure and photo-eyes NEMA-4 rated