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High-Speed Overhead Door Operators

High-Speed Overhead Door Operator vs. Traditional Operator

Upgrade to a high-speed overhead door operator to increase operational efficiency and throughput. This video demonstrates a direct speed comparison between a traditional jackshaft operator and our high-speed springless Safedrive operator.

Turn almost any overhead door into a high-speed door with the springless Safedrive high-speed operator.
Energy rebates available
Get energy rebates in select areas of Ontario. Contact us today to begin the qualification process—we'll calculate your potential one-time energy rebates, ongoing energy savings and return on investment.

Energy efficiency: High operating speeds mean energy-efficient operation, minimizing outside air infiltration during operation.

Versatile applications: Convert almost any balanced or unbalanced overhead door into a high-speed door.

Better operational efficiency: Increase throughput with high-speed doors.

Minimize or eliminate maintenance: Minimize or eliminate maintenance costs (model dependent) and enhance reliability in daily operations.


A Maintenance-Free High-Speed Springless Safedrive Operator

The high-speed springless Safedrive operator is maintenance-free, self-monitoring and operates silently. Its incredibly fast opening speeds of up to 24″/second is energy-efficient and helps to increase operational efficiency, throughput and worker productivity, while its springless design eradicates costly spring repairs and replacements. In addition, this high-speed operator reduces energy loss and prevents air exchange from slow operators that allow heat and/or cooled indoor air to escape out the door.

High-speed springless Safedrive operator
High-speed springless Safedrive operator
Direct comparison between Northern Dock Systems' high-speed operator and a traditional jackshaft operator

Ideal Applications for High-Speed Overhead Door Operators

High-speed overhead door operators are used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications. They are best suited for car wash/automotive dealerships and food storage/manufacturing facilities. The Safedrive high-speed operator is designed to operate on numerous types of overhead doors including: aluminum polycarbonate, aluminum Lexan, rolling steel, rolling grilles, shutter, rubber roll-up, fabric roll-up, sectional, horizontal single-leaf, and more.

Activation Method

The most important aspect of any door project is deciding on your activation method to:

Prevent the door from being hit
Prevent the door from hitting people
Extend the life of the door

Improve productivity
Decrease downtime and maintenance
Save energy


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High-speed performance door system with springless Safedrive operator

See the full high-speed performance door solution we've implemented at an automotive dealership.

Custom blackout high-speed automotive door with springless Safedrive operator

Northern Dock Systems designed custom blackout high-speed doors for a local automotive dealership.

Increase efficiency: up to 3x faster cycling

After installing a high-speed operator in a narrow space, our customers are able to increase their throughput.

High-speed operator vs. jackshaft operator

Watch a high-speed operator in action as it outperforms a traditional jackshaft operator in speed.

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High-Speed Springless Safedrive Overhead Door Operator

The high-speed springless Safedrive operator is maintenance-free, self-monitoring and operates silently. Its incredibly fast opening speeds of up to 24"/second is energy-efficient and helps to increase operational efficiency, throughput and worker productivity.

Model Comparison Chart

Springless Safedrive Operator
Opening speed Up to 24"/sec
Power configuration 230V, 1 ph
Transformers available for other voltages
Quiet operation
Built-in cycle counter


High-Speed Springless Safedrive Operator

  • Auxiliary crank operation.


  • 1 year limited.


  • Anti-back drive reducer standard.
  • Safedrive limits set at ground level.
  • Pre-wired control panel with easy setup instructions.
  • Status indication screen on control panel.
  • Manufactured to quality standard DIN EN ISO 9001, ensuring trouble free installation and operation.
  • Anti-Backdrive is maintenance-free and provides safety for reducer failure and operates independently of speed/direction.
  • UL approved.