CleanSeal 1260/1270 bi-part sliding seamless molded fiberglass door

Cleanseal Bi-Part Sliding Seamless Molded Fiberglass Doors


Exceptionally clean: Totally seamless polyester gel-coat finish with non-porous, non-shedding, and non-absorptive panel surface.

Intelligent: Incorporates state-of-the-art direct drive technology using a self-adjusting microprocessor controls and on-board diagnostics.

Durability: Exclusive all-stainless steel (no aluminum or other soft metals) heavy-duty rail and trolley assembly with 16 ga. stainless steel side frames and floor hardware.

Airtight seal: Continuous three-sided non-marking vinyl gasket, interlocking centre seal and bottom sweep gasket ensures the tightest seal.

Maximum security: A variety of electronic and mechanical locking options to meet strict FDA requirements.

Performance and reliability: Cleanseal doors have proven to be the benchmark for maintaining the strictest clean environment production areas worldwide.


Setting a New Standard for Airtight Cleanrooms

Cleanseal’s revolutionary totally seamless molded fiberglass bi-part sliding door system is designed, engineered and precision manufactured with over 20 years of experience partnering with leading pharmaceutical companies and architects. Using cutting-edge technology and exacting criteria for quality, these bi-part sliding doors have surpassed market demands and exceed cGMP, FDA and EMEA requirements.

The powered and manual models come with a unique double interlocking centre seal to prevent panel separation under positive or negative pressures. Cleanseal’s exclusive process utilizing polyester gel-coat offers a fiberglass door that is truly seamless. Cleanseal fiberglass doors are built to a higher standard so they withstand the harshest conditions and still look great year after year.

1260 and 1270's molded fiberglass construction
Technical specifications of the 1260 and 1270 models
Model: 1260 powered bi-part sliding seamless molded fiberglass door

Powered Bi-Part Sliding Fiberglass Door

The 1260 model is powered using a gearless AC asynchronous motor that continuously maintains peak performance. Its state-of-the-art onboard self-adjusting microprocessor control system eliminates external controls and provides infinite adjustability and exceptional reliability for door sizes up to 10’x10′. Furthermore, in case of power failure, these Cleanseal powered doors can be manually operated at any time.

Additional Features

  • Standard push plate to open with a time delay to close.
  • Standard circuitry allows the door to reverse upon obstruction by monitoring both directions of door travel.
  • Standard dual side frame mounted reversing photoeyes.
Model: 1260 powered bi-part sliding seamless molded fiberglass door
Cleanseal 1260 Powered Bi-Part Sliding Door
Model: 1270 manual bi-part sliding seamless molded fiberglass door
Cleanseal 1260 Manual
Bi-Part Sliding Door


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Cleanseal 1260 Powered Bi-Part Sliding Door for Sterile Environments

Cleanseal's model 1260 bi-part sliding seamless molded fiberglass door uses a gearless AC asynchronous motor that continuously maintains peak performance by utilizing an onboard self-adjusting microprocessor control system. This automatic bi-part sliding door fits door sizes up to 10'x10'.

Cleanseal 1270 Manual Bi-Part Sliding Door for Sterile Environments

The 1270 manual bi-part sliding seamless molded fiberglass door has an automatic close with "hold-open", available for door sizes up to 8'x8'.

Model Comparison Chart

  Cleanseal 1260 powered Cleanseal 1270 manual
Max. door opening 10'x10' 8'x8'
Type Powered Manual
Panel construction
1-3/4" thick structural seamless molded fiberglass panels with polyester gel-coat finish is non-porous, non-shedding, and non-absorptive. High-density closed cell poured-in-place polyurethane foam core. 20 ga. stainless steel edge capping for added protection and durability. Full perimeter gaskets and interlocking center seal. Non-marking gray vinyl, blade type.
Performance Gearless AC asynchronous motor continuously maintains peak performance using an onboard, self-adjusting microprocessor control system. Complete system is programmable from floor level without removing the shrouds. Automatic close with "hold-open"
Header, rail and side frame construction
12 ga. 304 #4 stainless steel header with 3/16” stainless steel rail assembly. 1/4" thick stainless steel trolley assemblies. Complete header and rail enclosed within a 16 ga. 304 #4 stainless steel sloped shroud. 16 ga. 304 #4 stainless steel side frames with floor hardware attached (nothing mounted into the floor).
Standard colour
White, with custom options available upon request


Cleanseal 1260 powered

• Vision panel with standard sloped frame.
• CleanView flush vision panel.
• 304 or 316 #4 stainless steel clad panel.
• Custom color (consult factory).
• Mechanical canebolt lock in door panel.

Cleanseal 1270 manual

• Activation devices mounted in door panel.
• Electronic solenoid lock in header.
• Touchless activation switches.
• Custom designed interlocking system.
• Actuators: a variety of activation devices are available upon request.
• Pre-announce to close kit (light, alarm or combo).


• 1 year limited.

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