HVLS Fans and Air Filtration Systems

EcoAir Air Filtration and Destratification System

This air filtration system cleans the air you breathe by removing particulates from the air. It saves energy and lowers heating bills. It prevents stratification by cycling the air to keep you warmer and cooler. The EcoAir is perfect for warehouses, garages and industrial spaces.
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UV Air Purifier

Cascade | JADE
These multi-stage UV air purifiers capture dust particles, pollen, mould, allergens, viruses, odours, and many other pollutants in workplaces. They eliminate and kill germs and viruses with their germicidal UV lights while re-energizing the air. The Cascade and JADE are perfect for office, retail and commercial spaces. View »

MacroAir High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fans

X Series | Y Series | Z Series | AirVolution-D 550 | AirVolution-D3 | AirVolution-D 370
MacroAir HVLS ceiling fans move a High Volume of air at a Low Speed (HVLS). Longer blades create a wider column of air that travels farther than conventional fans, while the low speed provides gentle air movement rather than disruptive wind. View »

AeroTec Truck Fan and Air Ventilation System

AeroTec Standard | AeroTec Super (AC)
AeroTec truck fans are the complete fan and air ventilation solution for loading docks. Circulate fresh air throughout the entire trailer to create comfortable work environment for loading dock workers. View »