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January 10 and 11, 2024

Two Day Workshop with All the Sales Team Attending

We hosted our Sales Conference yet again this year! We brought our Sales Representatives from our branches across Canada to get hands-on training directly in our manufacturer facilities.

Northern Dock Systems Sales Conference 2024

Big Ass Fans Canada

On the first day of our Sales Conference, we started at Big Ass Fans. It was a great kick-off to our new partnership as our team got a chance to check out Big Ass Fan’s Canadian headquarters in Oakville. Our sales team had a chance to check out their showroom and warehouse to see live demos of all of Big Ass Fans’ HVLS fans, directional fans and evaporative coolers in person. Such as:

  • Powerfoil X4 industrial HVLS fan
  • Powerfoil D industrial HVLS fan
  • Basic 6 industrial HVLS fan
  • Essence commercial HVLS fan
  • BAFCon fan controller
  • Pivot2 directional fan
  • AirEye directional fan
  • AirGo directional fan
  • Black Jack directional fan
  • Sidekick directional fan
  • Hornet destrat fan
  • Cool Space evaporative cooler
  • Infrared Heater
  • Unit Heater
Northern Dock Systems Sales Conference Big Ass Fans BAF hands-on training live product demo

In addition, we got training on their products, airflow applications, airflow visualization tools, energy calculators, installation and hands-on product demos on all of their equipment. With this new knowledge, our Sales Representatives can hit the ground running to provide the best solutions to our customers based on their individual needs.

Blue Giant

During day two of our Sales Conference, over 20 NDS reps headed over to Blue Giant’s manufacturing plant in Mississauga. While we were there we got a sneak peek into their new products, updates to their existing products and live demos in their showroom. It was a great opportunity to update our expertise in Blue Giant products and strengthen our partnership.

Northern Dock Systems Sales Conference Blue Giant hands-on training live product demo

Tips, Tools and System Training

For the afternoon, our Sales team got live system updates for Northern Dock Systems’ CRM. With these new updates, teams have faster access to data on desktop and mobile, account planning upgrades and new realtime reporting for customers. These yearly updates allow staff to stay up to date on new features and what is coming up.

Northern Dock Systems Sales Conference Blue Giant computer tools systems training

Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who joined and a special thanks to our partners Big Ass Fans and Blue Giant for hosting and training us on all of their high-quality equipment.

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Blue Giant

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