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The Smart Chock incorporates a full dock communication system

The Smart Chock is an integrated, fully automated vehicle restraint and dock communication system to help ensure worker safety, which includes an electronic wheel chock, an outside LED light panel with driver-targeted LED lights and an inside control panel indicating chock status.

Enhance safety: Ensure the safety of your workers by preventing trailer creep and accidental pull-out during loading.

Minimal maintenance: Wheel chocks require less maintenance and service then traditional mounted trailer restraint systems.

Functional design: All wheel chocks are constructed to be lightweight while providing superior support.


Smart Chock: A smart, fully automated dock communication system

Electronic wheel chock
• Ergonomic handle.
• Virtually unbreakable fiberglass shaft.
• High-strength aluminum chock with non-skid steel sawtooth back plate.
• Ultrasonic sensor detects if wheel is chocked.
Outside LED light panel
• Safety sign with driver-targeted, high-intensity LED red/green lights.
• Chock status indicator.
• Quick release plug.
• Outside audible alarm.
• Fiberglass pole to store cable above ground.
Inside control panel
• 180° visible red/green LED lights indicate chock status.
• Built-in integrated control circuitry for interlocking and information storing.
• Inside audible alarm.
Optional LED Versa dock light safety feature
LED Versa dock light (sold separately) will flash inside trailer if wheel becomes unchocked.


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Smart Chock

Smart Chock is a fully automated dock communication and trailer restraint that secures your vehicle while effectively communicating with drivers and loading dock workers to ensure a safe and productive work environment. Models: SC0650, SC0651, SC0652, SC0653, SC0654 – See Specifications for details.

Vector Chock

The unique convex profile of the Vector Chock provides more down force to block the movement of a wheel creating the safest environment for loading and unloading a trailer.

Handy Chock

The Handy Chock is easy to place, remove and see. It incorporates a 20' coil chain with a hanging bracket to securely lock trailers in place.

Rubber wheel chock

Safely secure your vehicle from trailer creep with a Pyramid wheel chock. Constructed from durable rubber material, the Pyramid wheel chock provides the economical solution for securing trailers.

Metal wheel chock

A metal wheel chock is also available for purchase.

Model comparison chart

Smart Chock Vector Chock Handy Chock Rubber
Integrated dock communication system Yes No No No
Chock material Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium Rubber
Volts 115 N/A N/A N/A
Hertz 60 N/A N/A N/A


• Marine Duty Upgrade package for wash-down applications.
• Variable Frequency Drive available.


• 1 year limited.


SC0650 • Standard Smart Chock with no options (no outlets or interlocks).
SC0651 • Powers and controls one outlet for dock light.
• Dock light turns off when door is closed.
SC0652 • Powers and controls two outlets.
• Dock light and fan turn off when door is closed.
SC0653 • Powers and controls two outlets and interlocks.
• Electric/hydraulic leveler.
• Dock light and fan turn off when door is closed.
• Leveler will not run when door is closed.
SC0654 • Powers and controls two outlets and interlocks pneumatic leveler.
• Dock light and fan turn off when door is closed.
• Leveler will not run when door is closed.
• Fan turns off when leveler runs.


Vector Chock

Watch a demonstration of the Vector Chock to see it prevent accidental pull-out.

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