Happy Food Safety Week! During this week, we wanted to pass on three food safety tips that can help you out.

Food Safety Tip #1

Seal Up Against Pests, Vermin and White Light When Your Doors are Closed

“All external windows, ventilation openings, doors, and other openings shall be effectively sealed when closed, and proofed against dust, vermin, and other pests.”
– SQF Institute – Food Safety Code: Food Manufacturing, Edition 9

The Solution – Rodent-Proof Weather Seal and Stripping to Stop White Light

Seal up around your doors and docks with rodent-proof weather seal and stripping. Our Xcluder weather seal offers four layers of protection against dust, rodents, vermin and other pests. A seal system that uses a combination brush, rubber, stainless-steel screen and stainless-steel wool fibres ensures that no rodent or pest can enter your building.

4x protection with rubber seal, stainless steel screen, xcluder fill fabric and protective backing

Food Safety Tip #2

Seal Up Against Pests When Your Doors are Open

We you open your doors, similarly when they are closed, make sure they are properly sealed against pests and contamination.

Dock Doors

Create one of the tightest seals around trailers with the HingeMaster Extreme.

The J-hook seals off hinge gaps.  Additionally, the fully integrated galvanized head frame diverts rainwater away. Finally, the foam wiper forms a tight seal on the top of the trailer.


Drive In Doors

Air curtains are great for doors that can’t be sealed up with a dock seal or shelter.

They keep out contaminants such as extreme weather, dust, insects, truck exhaust fumes, etc. To keep you compliant with strict food and safety regulations.

air curtain separates inside outside air, heat, cold, dust, insects, smoke, bad odours,

Food Safety Tip #3

Protect Against Corrosion and Contamination

Get wash-down rated equipment so you can clean and sanitize your space without fear of damaging or corroding your equipment.

Galvanized or Stainless Steel Fans Wash-Down Motors

stainless steel high velocity fan

Galvanized Steel Loading Dock Equipment

Galvanized Dock Leveler Food Grade Wash Down

NEMA4X and Wash-Down Rated Control Panels

Blue Genius Gold Series III Control Panel dock leveler trailer vehicle restraint vertical dock

Please feel free to reach out to us to complete your food safety plan.

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