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A Customer Success Story from Northern Dock Systems

Compact and powerful design can fit in and purify any 850 sq. ft. space

Project Overview

When the virus initially hit, American Eagle employees felt unsafe in shared spaces such as lunch, training and change rooms. Due to this unease caused by COVID-19, many employees were refusing to come into work. They needed a solution to make everyone feel safe in the environment they worked in.

American Eagle contacted Northern Dock Systems for a solution. We suggested for them to use 4 JADE UV air purifiers in their training, lunch and change rooms to remove and kill the virus. The JADE UV air purifier was the perfect solution for them because:

  • Its germicidal UV-C+ bulbs kill viruses, fungus, mould and bacteria.
  • Its 5-stage filtration process captures dust particles, pollen, mould, allergens, viruses, odours, bio-aerosols and many other pollutants to protect people and electronic equipment.
  • Its hand wave sensor makes it easy to control the settings without ever having to touch it and prevents cross-contamination.
  • Its compact design makes it easy to place it anywhere without impeding traffic.

The JADE has been successful at producing cleaner air in their shared spaces. Employees felt that their personal safety had been addressed and call-ins decreased once they had the JADE units in place.


Mississauga, Ontario

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