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Automotive Solutions

Increase throughput and reduce energy consumption with high-speed operators, sleek high performance doors and other products that create a better indoor environment for employees and customers.

Customers benefitting from products in this solution:

Energy rebates available Performance Overhead Doors

Performance overhead doors are the affordable long-term solution for high-cycle use in car dealerships, automotive service centres and select industrial applications. Customizable panels provide superior aesthetic appeal to suit any building design while providing impact resistance. Go to product page »

Energy rebates available Air Barriers

Air barriers provide up to a 90% seal to prevent contaminants from entering the facility while doors remain open. Air barriers increase safety and enhance indoor comfort for workers and customers—they create a strong environmental separation to inhibit inclement weather, pests, insects, dust, and exhaust fumes. Go to product page »

Energy rebates available High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fans

HVLS Fans are installed in various car dealerships to enhance employee comfort, increase safety, remove moisture build-up faster with sufficient air movement and turn over stagnant, stale air that is often present in automotive environments. Go to product page »

Energy rebates available EcoAir Air Filtration System

The EcoAir can keep your employees comfortable and their lungs clean while cutting your heating costs. It improves air quality by filtering dust and odours by trapping particles such as sand, soot, insect debris, pollen, mould, metallurgical fumes, oil smoke and viruses from the air. It eliminates stratification by pulling the dirty air from the ground and pushing clean air up to keep the temperatures even from floor to ceiling. Go to product page »

UV Air Purifier

These multi-stage UV air purifiers capture dust particles, pollen, mould, allergens, viruses, odours, and many other pollutants in workplaces. They eliminate and kill germs and viruses with their germicidal UV lights. Go to product page »

Energy rebates available High-Speed Springless Safedrive Operator

The high-speed springless Safedrive operator is maintenance-free, self-monitoring and operates silently. Safedrive’s springless design eradicates costly spring repairs and replacements while its high speeds of up to 100″/second increases operational efficiency, throughput and worker productivity. Go to product page »

Fire Doors and Shutters

Using cutting-edge technology and high strength panels, fire doors and shutters have surpassed market demands for quality, performance and U.L. compliance, shielding occupants and goods from different compartments in case of a fire. Go to product page »

Light Communication Systems

A red and green traffic lights provide a visual cue to notify customers when to enter into the busy bay area of automotive facilities. Keep customers safe by allowing them to remain inside their vehicles without guessing whether the bay is available. Go to product page »

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