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Pharmaceutical and Food Manufacturing Solutions

Cleanroom and food manufacturing products provide airtight seals and are easy to clean, preventing any bacteria or other contaminants from sticking to surfaces.

Customers benefitting from products in this solution:

Energy rebates available Foam Frame Shelter with Rain-Stop Canopy

The Foam Frame dock shelter uses memory core foam sides that eliminate damage due to off-center loading. Pair the Foam Frame dock shelter with a Rain-Stop canopy to seal various trailer heights ranging from 9′ to 13’6″ off grade.
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Energy rebates available Air Barriers

Retail and commercial air barriers seal off open doorways by up to 90%, generating a strong barrier that prevents air exchange between two areas with different pressure or climate zones. Air barriers are highly energy-efficient, provide a clear line-of-sight through doorways and prevent insects, dust and moisture. Go to Air Barriers page »

Energy rebates available High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fans

Enjoy year-round energy savings and equalize temperatures from floor-to-ceiling, front-to-back to ensure the safety of your workers, customers and products. HVLS Fans use an evaporative cooling effect during summer and push down warm, naturally rising air trapped at the ceiling in winter for enhanced comfort. Go to HVLS Fans page »

Energy rebates available EcoAir Air Filtration System

The EcoAir can keep your employees comfortable and their lungs clean while cutting your heating costs. It improves air quality by filtering dust and odours by trapping particles such as sand, soot, insect debris, pollen, mould, metallurgical fumes, oil smoke and viruses from the air. It eliminates stratification by pulling the dirty air from the ground and pushing clean air up to keep the temperatures even from floor to ceiling. Go to EcoAir Merv-13 Air Filtration System page »

UV Air Purifier

These multi-stage UV air purifiers capture dust particles, pollen, mould, allergens, viruses, odours, and many other pollutants in workplaces. They eliminate and kill germs and viruses with their germicidal UV lights. Go to UV Air Purifier page »

Energy rebates available High-Speed Fabric Roll-Up Doors

High-speed fabric roll-up doors use rapid speeds to improve operations, tight seals to control environments and prevent contaminants, and advanced safety features for superior protection.
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Energy rebates available Horizontal Telescoping-Lip Dock Leveler

Telescoping-Lip dock levelers effectively seal the fourth side of the pit during loading operations to maximize energy efficiency while preventing insects, pests, dust and white light infiltration. These Telescoping-Lip dock levelers also allow dock doors to fully close till the dock pit. Go to Horizontal Telescoping-Lip Dock Leveler page »

Noise-Reducing Nytrex Dock Bumpers

Nytrex dock bumpers are engineered from durable, near-indestructible nylon pads. Nytrex bumpers provide numerous benefits including one of the lowest lifetime ownership costs compared to economical dock bumpers, a corrosion-resistant surface and low noise during operation. Go to Dock Bumpers page »

LED Versa Light

The LED Versa light is the only dock light on the market that is specifically designed to fully illuminate the backside of a 53′ trailer. Versa lights easily flexes to any angle and maintains its position while being able to withstand multiple hits from overhead doors without the need for replacing the bulb. Go to LED Versa Light page »

Rebounding Bollard

The rebounding bollard is an ingenious impact-absorbing system that protects both sides of the impact by transferring energy to its elastomer base. The elastomer base flexes and returns to its original position, lasts significantly longer than stationary bollards and minimizes damage to equipment. Go to Rebounding Bollard page »

Fire Doors and Shutters

Using cutting-edge technology and high strength panels, fire doors and shutters have surpassed market demands for quality, performance and U.L. compliance, shielding occupants and goods from different compartments in case of a fire. Go to Fire Doors and Shutters page »

Sliding Seamless Molded Fiberglass Doors

The revolutionary totally seamless molded fiberglass bi-part sliding door system surpasses market demands and exceed cGMP, FDA and EMEA requirements. The powered and manual models come with a unique double interlocking centre seal to prevent panel separation under positive or negative pressures. Go to Fiberglass Doors page »

Corner Dock Seal and Cone Stuffer

The Corner Dock Seal and Cone Stuffer eliminate gaps between the trailer and side seal curtains to prevent outside infiltration including white light, dust, insects and pests. Constructed from heavy-duty gauge vinyl material and industrial magnets for durability, these seals withstand all types of Canadian weather. Go to Corner Dock Seal and Cone Stuffer page »

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