Retail solutions

Make customers browse inside stores for a longer period of time by enhancing indoor comfort. Prevent contaminant infiltration and increase energy-efficiency to meet corporate social responsibility goals quicker.

Customers benefitting from products in this solution:

Energy rebates available Multi-Seal dock seal with Rain-Stop canopy

Multi-Seal is designed to provide a tight dual action seal against both the rear and sides standard trailers and trailers with step or tailgate. Pair the Multi-Seal dock seal with a Rain-Stop canopy to seal various trailer heights ranging from 9′ to 13’6″ off grade.
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Energy rebates available Air barriers

Air barriers provide up to a 90% seal to prevent contaminants from entering the facility while doors remain open. Air barriers increase safety and enhance indoor comfort for workers and customers—they create a strong environmental separation to inhibit inclement weather, pests, insects, dust, and exhaust fumes. Go to product page »

Energy rebates available High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fans

Enjoy year-round energy savings and equalize temperatures from floor-to-ceiling, front-to-back to ensure the safety of your workers, customers and products. HVLS Fans use an evaporative cooling effect during summer and push down warm, naturally rising air trapped at the ceiling in winter for enhanced comfort. Go to product page »

Energy rebates available EcoAir Air Filtration System

The EcoAir can keep your employees comfortable and their lungs clean while cutting your heating costs. It improves air quality by filtering dust and odours by trapping particles such as sand, soot, insect debris, pollen, mould, metallurgical fumes, oil smoke and viruses from the air. It eliminates stratification by pulling the dirty air from the ground and pushing clean air up to keep the temperatures even from floor to ceiling. Go to product page »

UV Air Purifier

These multi-stage UV air purifiers capture dust particles, pollen, mould, allergens, viruses, odours, and many other pollutants in workplaces. They eliminate and kill germs and viruses with their germicidal UV lights. Go to product page »

Energy rebates available High-speed fabric roll-up doors

Interior high-speed fabric roll-up doors are the ideal solution for separating areas of different temperatures. They prevent dust, debris, and odour exchange by partitioning two areas. Rapid speeds, tight seals and advanced safety features help to control environments and improve operations. Go to product page »

Steel face dock bumpers

Steel face dock bumpers shield the building, dock leveler, dock seal and trailer restraints from being damaged by frequent impact. Its floating faceplate reduces long-term maintenance costs by providing a large, low friction surface to better handle impact than standard dock bumpers. Go to product page »

Hydraulic dock levelers with All-Seal

Constructed from heavy-duty cylinders with a non-adjustable velocity fuse, each hydraulic dock leveler features seven rear structural frame supports and an open frame design for easy pit cleaning. Use All-Seal around the perimeter of the dock leveler for energy savings.
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Custom platform lifts

We work with engineers to design platform lifts custom-fitted to suit specific applications, including lifts that need to be installed without a pit. All platform lifts use high tensile steel rollers, self-aligning spherical bearings and lifetime lubricated brushings at all pivot points for superior longevity. Go to product page »

QxV sectional door

The QxV sectional door’s flexible PVC panels resist damage from impact better than standard steel panels. QxV features closed cell foam PVC panels with R-22-rated insulation and side compression seals prevent to prevent air leakage. Go to product page »

Rebounding bollard

The rebounding bollard is an ingenious impact-absorbing system that protects both sides of the impact by transferring energy to its elastomer base. The elastomer base flexes and returns to its original position, lasts significantly longer than stationary bollards and minimizes damage to forklifts. Go to product page »

All Star 75 retail impact door

The All Star 75 retail impact door is an aesthetic general purpose solid wood door ideal for separating restricted and public use areas for increased privacy and security. For superior environmental control and energy savings, utilize All Star 75’s optional “snap-in” gasketing system. Go to product page »