Cold storage solutions

Keep your products cold without sacrificing employee comfort or workplace safety. Combine the temperature separation power of our energy-efficient products and receive significant energy rebates.

Customers benefitting from products in this solution:

Energy rebates available Foam Frame shelter with Rain-Stop canopy

The Foam Frame dock shelter uses memory core foam sides that eliminate damage due to off-center loading. Pair the Foam Frame dock shelter with a Rain-Stop canopy to seal various trailer heights ranging from 9′ to 13’6″ off grade.
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Energy rebates available Air barriers

Air barriers seal off open doorways by up to 90%, generating a strong barrier that prevents air exchange between two areas with different pressure or climate zones. Receive energy rebates, get a clear line of sight and increase safety by preventing moisture/ice build-up commonly seen in coolers/freezers. Go to product page »

Energy rebates available High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fans

Enjoy year-round energy savings and equalize temperatures from floor-to-ceiling, front-to-back to ensure the safety of your workers, customers and products. HVLS Fans use an evaporative cooling effect during summer and push down warm, naturally rising air trapped at the ceiling in winter for enhanced comfort. Go to product page »

Energy rebates available High-speed fabric roll-up doors

Interior high-speed fabric roll-up doors are the ideal solution for separating areas of different temperatures. They prevent dust, debris, and odour exchange by partitioning two areas. Rapid speeds, tight seals and advanced safety features help to control environments and improve operations. Go to product page »

Energy rebates available Horizontal Telescoping-Lip dock leveler

Telescoping-Lip dock levelers effectively seal the fourth side of the pit during loading operations to maximize energy efficiency while preventing insects, pests, dust and white light infiltration. These Telescoping-Lip dock levelers also allow dock doors to fully close till the dock pit. Go to product page »

Energy rebates available IXP impactable single/bi-part sliding doors

IXP cold storage doors feature a breakaway bar that sustains accidental hits to the leading edge of freezer doors without damaging the door and causing downtime. IXP incorporates a full perimeter non-marking double gasket system along with a “down and in” track design for superior efficiency and energy savings. Go to product page »

LED Versa light

The LED Versa light is the only dock light on the market that is specifically designed to fully illuminate the backside of a 53′ trailer. Versa lights easily flexes to any angle and maintains its position while being able to withstand multiple hits from overhead doors without the need for replacing the bulb. Go to product page »

MxV knock-out door

MxV’s innovative knock-out design flexes and releases during accidental impact without damaging the door or the track. It uses a polypropylene brush that provides a better U-factor, reducing HVAC load and its associated costs to successfully to heat or cool a facility during peak hours. Go to product page »

AR-10K rotating hook trailer restraint

With mounting forces exceeding 100,000 pounds, the AR-10K’s locking hook secures virtually all rear impact guards in excess of 32,000 pounds of restraining force to eliminate trailer pinch. Its advanced hook sensor electronically tracks the rotation and position of the hook at all times for ultimate safety. Go to product page »

Noise-reducing Nytrex dock bumpers

Nytrex dock bumpers are engineered from durable, near-indestructible nylon pads. Nytrex bumpers provide numerous benefits including one of the lowest lifetime ownership costs compared to economical dock bumpers, a corrosion-resistant surface and low noise during operation. Go to product page »