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“We purchased the EcoAir Filtration system – at a MERV 13 standard, and it does catch a lot of air debris when the team cleans out the filter each week or so. It offers air diffusion for the ceiling space and should assist in reducing the delta in temperature near the ceiling vs the ground air as you walk around the plant. It’s proving to be a concrete step towards helping our employees during COVID-19 with a  solution that can catch and possibly remove some airborne elements, including pollen, bugs, dander etc. that may be floating in the air.”

Brad Glasser, Atlantic Coated Papers

Project Overview

Atlantic Coated Papers installed an EcoAir filtration and destratification system as part of their COVID-19 strategy to clean the air to keep their workers safe and comfortable. The EcoAir filtration and destratification system:

  • Cleans the air so your lungs don’t have to: This air filtration system cleans sand, soot, insect debris, pollen, mould, metallurgical fumes, oil smoke and viruses. It purifies the air to make it easier for you to breathe.
  • Lower your energy bills: This air purifier can save you up to 20-40% on your heating costs.
  • Enhance comfort for your workers and customers: Destratification equalizes the temperature from floor to ceiling to prevent hot and cold air pockets to keep your works warm and happy.
  • Easy to install: No mounting bolts, hooks, invasive installation or retrofitting required, just simply wheel it into position and plug it in.
  • Low maintenance: Optional washable reusable filter can be cleaned with compressed air or washed and typically lasts 5+ years.
EcoAir Stratification diagram


Whitby, Ontario

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