High speed automotive doors reduce wasted energy, reduce annual maintenance and improve your customer experience.

Company: Downtown Acura
Province: Ontario


Downtown Acura is situated in a busy part of Downtown Toronto with a high volume of customers visiting the site every day. It is also a three-storey building located on top of the Downtown Honda dealership.

Due to the high volume of vehicle traffic entering the building each day, Management was looking for way to keep maintenance costs down, while increasing thru-put and efficiency.

Due to the multi-level building, heat would be more common on the upper floors, causing discomfort for Staff, as well as concerns of stagnant air on exhaust fumes.


Northern Dock Systems proposed and installed a high-speed performance door system, specific to each opening. This allowed us to achieve faster door speeds, increase thru-put, and save on lost heat through door openings while also decreasing maintenance costs. This was attained by adding higher grade components to the door, that are not seen in conventional overhead door systems.

High-Speed Stealth Drive operators were used in most areas of high traffic, while the Safe Drive Springless operator was used on the rooftop door. With the highest volume of traffic coming through the roof top door, the Springless Operator eliminated what would become extremely costly regular spring replacement.

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