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A customer success story from Northern Dock Systems

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A summary of the issues

Camcor Manufacturing, a division of Linamar Corporation, is a progressive company that consistently strives to improve workplace efficiency and productivity while reducing energy consumption to save money. Camcor Manufacturing faced the typical challenges of manufacturing environment:
• Low quality, stagnant air.
• Hot indoor temperatures, especially during summer months.
• Numerous obstructions around the ceiling including bus lines and electrical drops.
• Employee discomfort leading to a decrease in workplace productivity/operations, employee retention and overall profitability.

Prior to the summer of 2017, Camcor always struggled to keep heat out of the building and [cool employees to maintain workplace efficiency]. It was always a struggle to get small local fans out and mounted and cleaned, always seeming like it was never enough.
MacroAir offered features that the [competition] didn’t, including a brushless motor, a system monitored through a PLC and that could be monitored and operated remotely from any desktop or phone, and that they were whisper quiet, [unlike competitor models]. [As an added benefit, Northern Dock Systems] explained the Union Gas Rebate Program which was also a substantial incentive.

[Northern Dock Systems initially installed a few MacroAir HVLS Fans, and] after great feedback Camcor employees, we went ahead and made a second order. We are pleased with the performance of MacroAir HVLS Fans, running them all year round, [and happy to receive the] incentive cheque from Union Gas. [This project has helped to] recognize us [on our commitment] to reduce energy. Thanks to the team at Northern Docks who helped us make a difference for our employees.

Jeff Leask, Lean Manager, Camcor Manufacturing

The solution and results

After conducting a thorough Needs Assessment at Camcor Manufacturing, and despite the number of obstructions around the ceiling, Northern Dock Systems installed nine MacroAir HVLS Fans in specific areas where stagnant air and employee discomfort were at their greatest.

MacroAir HVLS Fans maximized Camcor Manufacturing’s air flow, equalizing temperatures from floor to ceiling, front to back. During the summer months, employees at Camcor Manufacturing enjoyed feeling up to 8°F cooler by experiencing an evaporative cooling effect that HVLS Fans are best known to provide, which increased worker productivity and maintained comfortable indoor temperatures throughout their facility. Installing MacroAir HVLS Fans made Camcor Manufacturing eligible to receive a $24,000 energy rebate for this entire project from Union Gas.

To further enhance Camcor Manufacturing’s experience, Northern Dock Systems installed the MacroAir Controller 20—a centralized control system that is easy to use and integrated with their building automation and fire alarm system. Employees at Camcor Manufacturing also use the Controller 20 to create fan zones and programmable schedules that effectively run during their operational hours without the need for manual intervention.

Download success story
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