Leveler Koozi

Leveler Koozi: Insulation for the Underside of Loading Dock Levelers

Leveler Koozi is the superior dock leveler insulator

The Leveler Koozi is suitable for most existing levelers and is installed between the structural beams on the underside of the dock leveler platform. Leveler Koozi is pre-cut in 2’x4′ dimensions with perforations at 1″ width intervals for easy installation using magnetic fasteners.


Leveler Koozi insulates the loading dock leveler to seal off gaps that cause heat loss

Superior dock leveler insulation with the ultimate flexibility

The Leveler Koozi is adhered to the underside of the dock leveler using magnetic fasteners that allow it to be installed on any deck regardless of condition including rust, flaking paint and uneven surfaces. Leveler Koozi effectively stops heat or cold transfer through the deck plate of the dock leveler and depending on climate, the Leveler Koozi will provide the average person a return on their investment in less than one year.


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• 1 year limited.