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Egg Solutions

A customer success story from Northern Dock Systems

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Addessing the issues

Egg Solutions seeked Northern Dock Systems’ assistance to find a cold storage door solution that would provide better temperature control for their egg room. Gaps in Egg Solutions’ old sliding freezer door allowed cold air to escape causing an inconsistent temperature in the egg room. In order to adhere to regulations, the egg room had to remain at a temperature within +/- 3°C.

The solution and results

Northern Dock Systems installed the HS200 high-speed fabric roll-up door from SDI–a great option for cold storage facilities.

Designed with fewer moving parts, the HS200 provides easy access through the door opening. Its weather and puncture-resistant fabric utilizes a layer of woven polyester monofilament PVC to eliminate downtime even after accidental impact. As an added safety feature, the HS200’s bottom bar breaks from the rest of the door, allowing for fast and easy repair without the use of special tools. With superb resiliency and flexibility, the HS200 provides Egg Solutions with an airtight seal to prevent air loss from their egg room.

Egg Solutions’ new HS200 high-speed fabric roll-up door closes quicker with the integration of a two-second timer to completely seal off the doorway after employees enter. Egg Solutions is now able to maintain a consistent set point within +/- 3°C in their egg room while increasing indoor comfort and safety for their employees and their products.

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