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A customer success story from Northern Dock Systems

Project Overview

KMJ Industrial Contractors had heavy equipment coming up an old asphalt ramp. The heavy weight was causing their old ramp to give way on the sides and crack, which caused a potential safety issue.

Also their equipment was too big and they needed the opening to be widened and made higher to allow for customer’s equipment to fit in their building.

Northern Docks Systems proposed to build them a more rigid ramp and install a dock door that would support the weight of the equipment and provide a smooth transition for their trucks, which included:
  • Removing existing rolling steel door and reinstalling it on the opening beside it.
  • Enlarging the opening from 12' x 12' to 15' high x 16' wide.
  • Installing a new overhead door with automatic operator 15' x 16'.
  • Removing the existing asphalt ramp and creating a new larger 20' wide by 50' long ramp with retaining walls and curbs for safety. The retaining walls and curbs would ensure trucks could not back off the sides of the ramp.
After completing this project, KMJ Industrial Contractors now has a safer enironment for their loading dock workers while enhancing the overall operational efficiency and productivity.

Location: Brampton, Ontario

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