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A customer success story from Northern Dock Systems

“I thank everyone at Northern Dock Systems for working so hard on this extensive project for Purolator. The feedback from our employees has been nothing but positive after installing the new dock seals.”
Adriano Mondora, Distribution Manager, Purolator

Project overview

Northern Dock Systems supplied and installed a combined total of 52 dock seals at Purolator’s facility in Etobicoke. Purolator’s existing dock seals were the either the wrong projection, torn or damaged to the point where they were no longer able to properly form a tight seal around incoming trailers, which caused operational deficiency, energy loss and discomfort issues.

NDS customized the design of Purolator’s new dock seals using heavy-duty fabric to prevent wear and tear. Every dock seal and shelter was also accurately measured to ensure its proper projection. Northern Dock Systems also helped facilitate energy rebates and annual savings projections on behalf of Purolator for all 52 positions.

Due to the extent of the project scope and the immense amount of traffic during operational hours, Northern Dock Systems proposed a detailed execution plan for the removal and reinstallation of Purolator’s dock seals, which included:
• A relocation of their electrical receptacles and dock communication lights for applicable positions.
• Installations in separate phases over the span of two weekends to eliminate any possible interruptions during their operational hours.

After completing the final installation phase of this exensive project, Purolator is now able to create a safer environment for their loading dock workers while enhancing their comfort and overall operational efficiency.

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