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Old worn dock seal at distribution centre

Old and worn dock seal

Dock seal with removable second skin at distribution centre

Removable vinyl
“second skin”

Project Overview

The existing dock seals at this distribution centre were extremely worn due to very heavy use at this high volume, 24/7 facility. It was difficult to maintain a quality connection between the building and truck and these worn seals. The visual appeal is also something that the client wanted to improve, as they take tremendous pride in their facility and it’s appearance.

We replaced their old dock seals with new 101 dock seals that are constructed with heavy-duty vinyl. It has a custom taper designed to provide only the compression necessary to provide a tight seal. This design comes complete with a removable “second skin” composed of extreme 45 vinyl – double layered from the bottom of the seal to 5’ to absorb friction from shunting. The “second skin” is affixed with 4” velcro across the entire perimeter allowing it to be removed and replaced when significant signs of wear begin to appear.

Removable vinyl dock seal skin

The base seal is maintained – but the face replaced, quickly and efficiently – minimizing downtime and expense. Also included, 4” exposure corner flaps on head pad and 4” full yellow guide stripes for visibility.

This is a relatively new concept and we are excited to evaluate and adjust moving forward. Early results look good and the dock seals present well. We will be producing and shipping replacement covers for the client to have on hand. This is a very demanding facility and we have designed a product to suit the customer’s goals.



Cambridge, Ontario

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