A Security Gate Provides Security While Maintaining Separate Access For Employees vs Visitors.

Company: United Rentals
Province: Etobicoke, Ontario

United Rentals fence


United Rentals needed a secure solution to help prevent unwanted visitors and traffic from accessing the large space behind their facility 24 hours a day. Having a large yard, United Rentals needed to ensure the entire area was protected from intruders, unauthorized customers and all vehicle types. With safety being a huge priority for United Rentals, management wanted to ensure the area would also not present any safety issues from pedestrians roaming around unattended.


After evaluating the location and the flow of traffic, Northern Dock Systems installed two sliding gates at both entrances to help regulate and monitor access. For employees, this system came equipped with a key FOB solution to allow employees instant access into the property. To allow visitors access the United Rentals lot remotely, a call box was installed to give the head office a communication point for visitors looking for entry into the area.

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