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A Customer Success Story from Northern Dock Systems

Project Overview

Prior to this project, there were no restraints at this busy facility. The client’s primary goal was to improve safety for staff working in the loading dock area and improve communication between truck drivers and forklift operators.

Northern Dock Systems installed 20 NORDOCK AR-10K vehicle restraints across all functioning positions. Each unit is interlocked with the pre-existing dock leveler to prevent the dock leveler from operating until the vehicle restraint is engaged and in position.

Combined with interior/exterior LED communication lights, this interlocked vehicle restraint system will greatly improve safety and employee confidence in the workplace.

The panel contains a built-in battery back-up, which allows trucks to be released in the event of a power failure. Employees can safely operate the restraint without the need for an employee to manually release from under the trailer.

In addition, we also installed six 101 series dock seals complete with rain deflectors to tightly seal their 53′ trailers. They were concern some of their product and sensitive materials were getting wet with the old seals. The new seals and rain deflectors are keeping positions safe and these positions were addressed with this set-up to satisfy others in the supply chain.

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