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A customer success story from Northern Dock Systems

Project overview

To enhance the comfort of their customers, become more energy-efficient and ensure the safety of their food products, The Pasta Corner installed an Enershield Air Barrier and took part in NDS’ energy-saving Air Barrier Direct Install Program.

After the installation of one Microshield Enershield Air Barrier, The Pasta Corner now has a strong separation between the outside and interior spaces to:
  • Maintain an even set point, reducing their HVAC load and enjoying an estimated savings of up to $490/year on their natural gas bills.
  • Keep customers browsing inside their retail store longer due to enhanced indoor comfort.
  • Retain an even temperature throughout different areas of their facility, from the food preparation area to their retail storefront.
With a cozy storefront serving customers during the lunch rush daily, the air barrier now allows for customers to enter and exit their store while preventing outside air and elements from coming in.

Prior to the installation of an air barrier, The Pasta Corner’s food preparation area would remain warm while their retail section had uncomfortably cool temperatures causing discomfort to their customers during the winter season.

Total energy savings

Estimated annual savings on natural gas bills


Total natural gas reduction

Estimated annual reduction in natural gas usage


Offsetting the carbon footprint

Saving 1,633m³ natural gas annually is equivalent to saving the following:

12,508 kms

driven by a passenger vehicle
(greenhouse gas emissions)

— OR —

3,469 lbs

of coal burned
(CO₂ emissions)
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