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A customer success story from Northern Dock Systems

Project overview

Cold pockets of air infiltrated throughout the load dock area during the winter season at Trimen Food Service Equipment Inc., creating uncomfortably cold temperatures for employees working in and around the loading dock area. In order to make up for cold winter air infiltration, Trimen’s HVAC unit was consistently operating throughout the day, leading to an unnecessary increase in their natural gas-based heating bills.

Through the Direct Install Program, three Durashield Enershield Air Barriers were installed over Trimen Food Service’s shipping and receiving doors in North York, Ontario.

Trimen receives the following additional benefits:
  • An estimated savings of up to $8,100/year on their natural gas bills.
  • An estimated return on investment in 0.7 months.
  • A reduction in the number of cycles their HVAC system performs daily, extending the lifespan the HVAC system overall.
  • Maintaining a comfortable temperature for employees around the loading dock area, enhancing workplace productivity and efficiency.

Total energy savings

Estimated annual savings on natural gas bills


Return on air barrier investment

A quick ROI (after product and installation costs)

0.7 months

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