Create an invisible barrier that separates two rooms while still allowing people and products to pass through.

Company: Ravine Mushroom Farms
Province: Ontario


Ravine Mushroom Farms needed to replace their standard strip curtains that were used to separate two areas inside their building. These curtains are an obstruction and interfere with both employees and products when they passed through. The curtains would rub against employees while products on skids would be hit or knocked off due to sudden impact or friction. Additionally, due to wear and tear – Ravine was constantly replacing the strip curtains every few months causing process delays and added costs on repairs.


Northern Dock Systems installed a vertical Air Barrier to provide a complete seal along the entire doorway. Once activated, the Air Barrier creates a 90% seal preventing cold air from mixing between rooms. It also provides an accessible doorway that allows the door to remain open and closed at the same time.

During the open and close cycle of the door, employees now have an unobstructed opening to allow product to pass through effortlessly and without damage. The vertical Air Barrier has eliminated the concern for product to get hit or knocked off the skids.

The vertical Air Barrier has improved efficiency, prevents damage and eliminates constant PVC strip curtain repair and replacement costs.

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