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A Customer Success Story from Northern Dock Systems

Project Overview

The Costco in Kamloops, BC had 5 receiving doors that were damaged and worn from being hit and heavy use, the panels were creased, springs were worn as were the hinges and rollers. This affected their overall operational efficiency and caused energy loss through the gaps.

After visiting the location in their site audit, Northern Docks Systems determined that the existing door tracks were in great condition since they were protected by bollards and were not damaged. Reusing the existing door tracks helped lower the overall project cost as replacing them would have been expensive because they were fully welded.

NDS replaced the 5 damaged receiving doors with new doors that had rigid polyurethane 1-1/2”, R14.25 insulated panels, which created a more energy-efficient environment.

In addition to replacing the doors, all door springs, cables and hardware (except for the tracks) were replaced to ensure the operational efficiency of the doors and to prevent them from breaking down in the near future.

Brush weather seal was also added to the bottom of all the doors to help prevent rodents, insects, debris, outside air and white light from entering the facility. By sealing off the gaps around the door, Costco has ensured the safety of their personnel and products; showing auditors that they are doing their due diligence.


Kamloops, British Columbia

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