Brush weather seal

Rubber and brush weather seals

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Productivity: Prevent bugs, pests and other contaminants from entering the facility to keep operations running smoothly.

Enhance safety: Prevent slip and fall hazards by inhibiting rain, ice and snow infiltration through gaps.

Energy savings: Eliminating gaps using a brush or rubber weather seal creates a more energy-efficient environment.


Brush weather seal vs. rubber weather seal

Seal off gaps around docks and doors

A rubber or brush weather seal is crucial for any loading dock or door to block out rodents, insects, debris and outside air, helping to ensure the safety of personnel and products indoors.

Deter pests and insects

Insects and pests are attracted to interior lights, odours or suitable indoor temperatures. A rubber or brush brush weather seal is the first line of defense against pest and insect infiltration.

Prevent drafts and white light

Rubber weather seals and brush weather seals are easily installed around almost any dock leveler, dock door or overhead door to prevent drafts and white light.

Increase your energy efficiency

Maintain a clean and safe work environment by easily sealing off outside air. Create a weathertight seal to prevent air exchange through gaps around dock levelers and doors.

A proper weather seal prevents insects, pests, drafts and white light


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Brush weather seal

Straight bristle and wavy bristle style weather seals are the recommended solution to prevent insects and pests, providing a better seal against uneven surfaces than rubber seals. Brush weather seals can be placed on the sides or around the bottom of a dock leveler or door.

Rubber weather seal

A rubber weather seal is designed to separate exterior and interior environments, ideal for larger gaps between the floor or leveler and the door. Rubber weather seals come in both U-shaped and straight, flat designs.

In-track perimeter door weather seal

The in-track perimeter weather seal, made from highly durable rubber material, is able to effectively seal the sides of a door while withstanding the harshest Canadian weather conditions. Its universal design fits most overhead doors and is able to handle impact from forklifts.

Spiral brush weather seal for dock levelers

The spiral brush weather seal is placed underneath the rear hinge of the dock leveler to seal off gaps between the leveler and the pit frame.


• 1 year limited.

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