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A Customer Success Story from Northern Dock Systems

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Project Overview

The existing door operator was not installed properly and caused it to wear out prematurely at Costco in Mississauga, ON. In addition, the handicap washroom was not up to code.

After a Northern Dock Systems technician came to inspect the equipment, they discovered the existing operator failed because there was no interlock between the dead-bolt lock and the operator. By adding the interlock and installing a new operator properly, the door was then fully functional.

Unfortunately, the technician also discovered that the current washroom setup was not code compliant. To make a code compliant, barrier free and accessible restroom, our technician installed a:

  • New operator with control relays for barrier free restroom
  • New panic system with horn and strobe
  • New push to lock button
  • New electric strike to be integrated into the existing door frame
  • New illuminated access buttons for entry and exit

After all the hard work and proactive action from our technician, Costco’s handicap washroom is now up to code and fully functional.


Mississauga, Ontario

Download Success Story
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