Using innovative new products and years of industry knowledge, Northern Dock Systems was able to correctly fit a complete high speed door system in a confined space. Positioned in the space between the ceiling and industrial crane – the tracks, operator and door can all work in perfect balance without being obstructed during daily operations.

These solutions can be installed anywhere and is a perfect example of how fractions of an inch will make all the difference in door performance. Regardless of your facility type, installing a high speed operator will improve multiple areas including process times, safety and energy savings. Contact us to see more examples and request a site visit.

High Speed Door System Advantages

• 3x faster open/close rate
• Added safety during operation
• Lowers maintenance requirements
• Help retain interior heat during winter months
• Increased R-value (previous doors were steel roll up door vs panels)
• Window (optional in some door types)
• Prevent debris, bugs and exterior temperatures from contaminating interior

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