Machine guarding doors

Machine guarding doors


Uninterrupted workflow

Machine guarding doors save time, floor space and construction costs while enhancing operator safety and increasing production yield. With rapid opening and closing speeds, these machine protection doors ensure your automated operations remain uninterrupted.

High speed: Machine guarding doors increase worker safety, workflow, and overall productivity with fast opening and closing speeds.

Increase safety: Protect personnel against robot strikes, flying debris, arc flashes, weld spatter, odour, and smoke.

Ergonomic by design: Position staging areas are closer to the process for improved ergonomics, reducing downtime.


Machine guarding doors increase workplace safety

Machine guarding doors help you save time, floor space, and construction costs while enhancing safety and increasing production yields. Ideal applications for these doors include industrial, production lines, equipment and automated processes. With fast opening and closing speeds, these doors are specifically designed to:
• Improve operator safety with protection from exposure to automation hazards, such as robot strike, arc flash, weld spatter, noise and more.
• Increase usable factory floor space with a smaller work cell footprint and a true physical barrier that lets the associate work safely and closer to the machine.
• Ramp up production output and lower cost by enabling one associate to safely operate multiple cells simultaneously.

Model: Albany RP300 machine guarding door

Albany RP300
For automated processes

Model: Albany RP2000

Albany RP2000
For processes using robot and laser welding

Model: Hormann Speed-Commander 1400 MP

Speed-Commander 1400 MP
For automated processes


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Albany RP300

The Albany RP300 machine guarding door is a tough and reliable safety door for automated processes and production lines, able to withstand wind load.

Albany RP2000

Albany RP2000 machine guiding doors provide maximum protection for robot and laser welding applications with durable, high-strength design.

Speed-Commander 1400 MP

Hormann's Speed-Commander 1400 MP roll-up doors are intended the perfect fit for: loading dock areas, interior door openings, cleanrooms, coolers and food processing applications.

Model comparison chart

Albany RP300 Albany RP2000 Speed-Commander 1400 MP
Manufacturer Assa Abloy Assa Abloy Hormann
Door size 2'6"x2'6" to 13'1"x11'6" 2'x3'3" to 11'8"x9'10" Up to 10'x10'
Opening speed Up to 94"/sec Up to 79"/sec Up to 80"/sec
Frame construction Aluminium Steel Steel


Albany RP300

• Voltage options: 208-240V, 440-480V, and 575-600V.
• Albany MCC control system.
• Horizontal or vertical anti-UV welding windows.
• Floor mounting brackets.

Albany RP2000

• Voltage options: 208-240V, 440-480V, and 575-600V.
• Slats with polycarbonate windows.
• Display for operation, start-up and error reports on control unit.
• Webbed foot plates for floor mounting.

Speed-Commander 1400 MP

• Customized panel prints available. Logos, pictures and text may be digitally printed on the door panels (images are durable, UV treated and waterproof). Maximum image size is 7'x3'.


Albany RP300 and RP2000
• Motor: 5 years or 1 million cycles.
• Mechanical and electrical: 2 years.
• Control system parts: 1 year.
• Labour: 1 year.

0 cycles
Unmatched motor warranty

Speed-Commander 1400 MP
• Motor/gearbox (excluding catch) and panel material: 5 years.
• All other mechanical and electrical components free from defects: 2 years.


Albany RP300 Albany RP2000
Manufacturer 1 hp 1.48 hp
IP 55
Panel PVC
Vision panel Full-width
Closing speed 30"/sec
Interior application colours Yellow, orange, red, blue, gray
Guide tracks Galvanized steel
Stainless steel options Yes: guide tracks
Motor Direct drive
Control box HFCB 1-phase, hardwired


Albany RP300

Albany RP300 machine protection doors are high-speed safety doors designed for automated processes and production lines.

Albany RP2000

Albany RP2000 offers a rigid, aluminum door curtain that provides protection from lasers with its double-walled aluminum slats.

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