High-speed rigid door
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Speed-Guardian Rigid Roll-Up Doors

High-speed rigid doors deliver optimum security for indoor and outdoor applications

The Hormann Speed-Guardian series of doors are designed for both interior and exterior use. These high-speed rigid doors feature panels that are durable and long-lasting for minimal maintenance.

Energy rebates available
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Circular guide track
Circular guide track

High-speed rigid roll-up doors are a reliable solution for safety

Superior craftsmanship, aesthetic appeal and in-built security and safety features make these doors the reliable solution for many indoor and outdoor applications. Constructed from hot-dipped galvanized steel, these doors are durable and require minimal maintenance. Each door features an aesthetically-pleasing design, separated circular guide track for quiet operation, a high-speed operator for superior performance and a built-in light grid for added safety.

Ideal applications

The Speed-Guardian 5000 series is ideal for fire stations and parking garages in condominiums, banks or government buildings.

Key features of each model

Urethane foam
Model: 5000 U 42
Complete vision panels
Model: 5000 CV 42
Low headroom
Model: 5000 LH 42
Low profile tracks
Model: 5000 LP 42
High lift track
Models: 5000 H 42 & 67
Vertical lift track
Model: 5000 V 42

Insulated vision panel options

Speed-Guardian’s insulated vision panels are available in clear or tinted privacy finishes (obscured white or smoke gray). All windows are coated with Hormann’s exclusive Duratec finish which prevents marks and scratches caused by cleaning.

Vision panel options for Hormann doors

Activation Method

The most important aspect of any door project is deciding on your activation method to:

Prevent the door from being hit
Prevent the door from hitting people
Extend the life of the door

Improve productivity
Decrease downtime and maintenance
Save energy


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Customers That Love This Product


Speed-Guardian 5000 U 42

The Hormann Speed-Guardian 5000 U 42 fits door sizes up to 21'4"x21'4" with panels constructed from urethane foam.

Speed-Guardian 5000 CV 42

This Speed-Guardian model fits door sizes up to 18'x12' with complete view visibility panels.

Speed-Guardian 5000 LH 42

Speed-Guardian 5000 LH 42 fits door sizes up to 16'x21' and features a low headroom track application for areas where there is limited clearance above the opening.

Speed-Guardian 5000 LP 42

The Speed-Guardian 5000 LP 42 high-speed rigid roll-up door fits door sizes up to 14'x14' with a low profile track that requires only 8" clearance on each side of the door opening.

Speed-Guardian 5000 H 42

This door model fits door sizes up to 21'4"x21'4". It features a high lift track application for installation behind or above supply lines or crane tracks.

Speed-Guardian 5000 H 67

Speed-Guardian 5000 H 67 is a high-speed rigid door that fits door sizes up to 16'x21'. Similar to the 5000 H 42 model, this door also features a high lift track application for installation behind or above supply lines or crane tracks.

Speed-Guardian 5000 V 42

Speed-Guardian 5000 V 42 fits door sizes up to 21'4"x21'4" with a vertical lift track application and a thick door panel that runs vertically along the building wall allowing for quiet operation and wear-free door movement.

Model Comparison Chart

  5000 U 42 5000 CV 42 5000 LH 42 5000 LP 42 5000 H 42 5000 H 67 5000 V 42
Max. width 21'4" 18' 16' 12' 21'4" 16' 21'4"
Max. height 21'4" 12' 21' 14' 21'4" 21' 21'4"
Exterior application
Interior application
Opening speed (in/sec) 80" 80" 80" 50" 80" 80" 80"
Closing speed (in/sec)
Guide tracks
Galvanized steel
Direct drive
Control box
Smart Start NXT NEMA 4X


  • Tinted/privacy or perforated vision slats.
  • Wet paint process with over 200 RAL colours.
  • Optional low headroom track configuration available for 5000 U 42 and 5000 CV 42 models.


  • Vision slats against failure: 7 years.
  • Motor/gearbox (excluding catch) and panel material: 5 years.
  • All other mechanical and electrical components free from defects: 2 years.


Speed-Guardian doors operate at high speeds

Hear from a Fire Department Chief on the high-speed and high-cycle usage of Speed-Guardian doors at their fire station.

Speed-Guardian increases operational efficiency

Watch Speed-Guardian doors improve operational efficiency at a Lexus dealership.

Speed-Guardian improves throughput

Watch the doors in action at an Audi dealership to improve throughput.