At Northern Dock Systems, our customers are constantly asking about how HVLS fans can cool employees in the summer months. To help explain one of the primary benefits of HVLS fans, please see some frequently asked questions below.

Cooling area of HVLS Fans

What is evaporative cooling?

Evaporative cooling occurs when a Whalenado HVLS fan produces air movement that touches moisture against an employees skin. This contact results in the moisture being evaporated, providing a cooling benefit.

What environment is best suited for evaporative cooling to take place?

Evaporative cooling will occur in any warm/hot working environment. In these locations, employees will perspire causing a direct need for an evaporative cooling solution. Many warehouses, manufacturing facilities and distribution centers become increasingly hot in the summer months. Without proper air circulation, the air becomes stale and can feel inhabitable for employees.

How much difference will evaporative cooling?

Air flow is expected to result in an evaporative cooling benefit of 5-9°C.

Cooling effect

Is it true installing HVLS fans will save us money?

The resulting effects of evaporative cooling will ensure employees work in a more comfortable atmosphere and often reduce heat breaks required by Canadian labour laws. When you prevent stoppage and production downtime at your building, you ensure you are able to maximize your up time.

In addition to preventing downtime, air circulation will also help your air conditioning circulate more effectively. With the ability to move more air at low speeds, the HVLS fan will hep equalize temperatures and reduce constant output from your HVAC systems.

Will any fan provide a cooling benefit?

No. The performance of a Whalenado HVLS fan is not equal to outdated technologies.

The wrong way: In the past, many facilities would use dozens of small fans to target areas inside a building for cooling. This involved multiple pedestal units or standard ceiling fans pushing air into a small area. These areas could include service areas, shipping stations, assembly lines etc.

The right way: When you install a Whalenado HVLS fan, you can effectively impact up to a 144 foot diameter with cooling benefits (per fan). With a fire alarm tie-in to your fire panel and no extra cords creating a tripping hazard – Whalenado HVLS fans are a safe and effective solution.

Whalenado HVLS fans (Right Way) Pedestal Fans (Wrong Way)
Cooling Area Up to 144 ft diameter 20-40 ft each
Energy Usage Max. 1.5-2 HP 0.25-1 HP each
Safety Obstruction free Electrical cords
Air Movement Turnover airflow Directional (limited)
Electrical Only one connection One connection each
NFPA 13 Fully Compliant Non-compliant

What is the best way to determine cooling and energy savings?

We can help you determine how many Whalenado HVLS fans you would need to cool employees inside your building. Each energy audit includes a walk-through to identify ideal locations in your facility.

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