A Customer Success Story from Northern Dock Systems

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Before (Mechanical)After (Hydraulic)

Project Overview

The loading dock at Western Canada Express’ Edmonton location would not lift. This was due to the main spring being broken and bent components on the mechanical dock leveler.

After speaking with Northern Dock Systems and inspecting the mechanical dock, our technician determined that the overall maintenance costs were going to be too high. Also, the bent and breaking mechanical components would continue to cause future issues and high maintenance costs.

Rather than replacing the entire dock, it was more cost-efficient to replace the mechanical parts by converting it into a hydraulic dock leveler. As a result, the initial costs of the installation of the hydraulic conversion kit will be far less than the overall costs of the repair that would be needed on the mechanical dock.

The hydraulic conversion kit contains:

  • Heavy-duty cylinders.
  • Adaptable to all sizes.
  • A full hydraulic operation to automatically extend the lip.
  • Simple operation with single push-button control.
  • All brackets, hydraulic hoses and pins are supplied.
  • Dust-tight electric enclosure.

This Edmonton trucking company now has a dependable hydraulic dock for a fraction of the price of a completely new dock. In addition, they are able to lower maintenance costs by up to 91% when compared to the old mechanical dock leveler.



Edmonton, Alberta

Download Success Story
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