Watch our latest hydraulic dock leveler video to learn how you can improve safety, process times and reduce injury at your facility.

Create smoother transitions from the truck to dock floor with Nordock’s tapered lip and continuous rear hinge.

All Nordock dock levelers feature innovative design features that prolong product life and prevent maintenance issues:
– A full width rear hinge to withstand heavy use
– 33% deck to beam ratio to prevent breakage
– Self-cleaning open lug design to allow debris to pass through
– Available in custom sizes and a range of weight capacities

For fast and effective maintenance, Nordock dock levelers have a patented open pit design that makes cleaning quick and effortless.

With capacities of up to 50,000 lbs, Nordock hydraulic dock levelers provide numerous operational advantages over mechanical models and use patented designs competitor models just do not have.

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