LZR-WIDESCAN is an industrial door sensor which utilizes laser-based technology for motion, safety and presence detection in a variety of industrial door applications. This all-in-one solution offers the benefits of activation and safety, while reducing installation time. LZR-WIDESCAN incorporates a NEMA-4 rated sensor which creates a volumetric detection area by generating seven angled laser curtains. It has the ability to detect objects based on direction, speed, object size and height. The LZR-WIDESCAN detection field operates independent of ground conditions, allowing for superior functionality in harsh environments.

LZR-WIDESCAN Sensor for Pedestrian Safety, Directionality, Full-Open, Partial-Open

Key features of the LZR-WIDESCAN industrial door sensor include:
• Precise activation zones allows for installers to walk the desired detection area.
• Energy savings by reducing false detections/unnecessary door cycling, helping to regulate HVAC.
• A virtual pull-cord function which can differentiate between pedestrian and vehicle traffic and can provide pulse-on-stop activation.
• Replacing costly/labor-intensive induction loop and pull-cord solutions.
• Two visible laser alignment spots to ensure accurate pattern placement.

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