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“Danny and his guys did a fantastic job. Good communication and planning right from the start on their part. They were in the area two weeks ago doing another project, and stopped by to survey the situation to ensure they would be prepared. They consulted with me and made sure we were all on the same page understanding the timeframes of how the job would be accomplished without causing impact to our business. As soon as they realized that there was an issue with the existing concrete, Danny made me aware that it was not going to be completed exactly as planned. We went over the timing of deliveries, and he assured me that they would work around our needs and still accomplished a finished product up to the same standards. The job they did turned out fantastic, and they did it in a very professional manner. I would highly recommend their work.

Ron Fairburn , Store Manager

Project Overview

The existing lift table had reached the end of its life cycle and required a replacement at this grocery store in Hagersville.

In addition to needing a new lift table, there was severe damage to the exterior bollards and concrete apron. As a result, there was a significant risk of further damage to the building structure. This was due to the improper slope on the existing apron, which was allowing water to infiltrate into the building and pit during loading activities.

Bent bollards with damage to building

Pit filled with 2″ of water due to improper slope on concrete apron

The new Nordock DL78-8 lift table will provide the store with a safe and reliable means to offload grocery shipments long into the future. For this small-town grocer, consistent performance and elimination of downtime are extremely important. As any downtime means that they will be unable to offload trailers, which prevents re-stocking of the store.

Furthermore, the new bollards will ensure trailers are kept at the ideal distance away from the building structure. As a result, they will prevent any further damage to the wall.

While the new concrete apron has been sloped out towards the exterior across the threshold of the overhead door opening. Therefore rain and snow will not flow into the loading area and into the pit. Thus eliminating the need to have to pump out water filling the pit and preventing damage to the new lift table.


Hagersville, Ontario

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