One of the greatest inefficiencies in any building is an open doorway.

Sealing off open doorways, especially those in high-traffic areas, prove to be beneficial for customers, workers and business owners alike.

What do Enershield Air Barriers do?

Enershield Air Barriers push discomfort out the door (literally) with their articulating discharge nozzle, which re-circulates facility air in a uniformly smooth flow across an open doorway to create an effective seal. This seal creates an environmental separation (i.e., two distinct areas with differences in temperature) to help inside air stay at a comfortable level year-round.

Thermal imagery shows how Enershield Air Barriers create an environmental separation.

Push all types of discomfort out the door.

❌  Extreme hot/cold weather
❌  Moisture
❌  Dust
❌  Insects
❌  Truck exhaust fumes
❌  Smoke

Maintain an ideal comfort level inside.

✅  Improve worker safety
✅  Keep customers and/or workers happy
✅  Decrease workplace hazards
✅  Increase worker productivity
✅  Ensure top-notch quality control on regulated products

Tried, tested and proven.

We’ve tested many different types of Enershield Air Barriers that were installed for a variety of applications for our customers over the years to ensure that they maintain the ideal 800-1,000fpm (feet per minute) at the floor.

Maintaining the ideal 800-1,000fpm range is necessary to prevent outside infiltration and contamination from entering the facility, including strong winds and insects.

Temperature difference results showing inside and outside temperatures after installing an Enershield Air Barrier.
Left: Outside temperature   |   Right: Inside temperature
The photos above were taken after installing an Enershield Air Barrier at a customer’s facility. Even with the door open for one hour in -23°C weather, the temperature remains at a warm 14°C 10 feet inside the building.

Enershield Air Barriers are used in a variety of applications.

Commercial: Shipping and receiving, service bays
Retail: Restaurants, recreational centres, grocery stores, hotels, airports, retail stores
Industrial: Coolers, freezers, warehouses

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