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One-Time Energy Rebate for Air Barrier

Project Overview

The client’s manufacturing process had grown to occupy an entire aisle. Safety was becoming an issue with the manufacturing and logistics of moving products in and out at the same time. The growing traffic in this area required a new opening to be created to relieve pressure on the only existing door in the zone. The wall in question was composed of concrete block, brick and glass.

With the help of our construction and installation team, NDS created an open for the HDC-DD Rubber Door. It has quick 16″ per second opening and closing speeds and reliable operation. Also, the curtain can be immediately reset in the event of an impact. The 1,000,000 cycle warranty on the operator was perfect for this high use environment.

This door was paired up with the BEA IS40P (Presence Sensor). It activates the door only when approached directly, it will not activate when cross-traffic is present – making it a great fit for this busy area.

An Enershield Air Barrier was installed to help control temperature when the door is left open for extended periods of time for loading and unloading. We helped the client receive a prescriptive rebate for the Enershield Air Barrier amounting to a one-time energy rebate of $4000.

Complete engineering service and turn-key construction allowed the client to remain focused on their business – rather than occupy their time on drawings, engineering or reviews.

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