It is important to always conserve your energy and prevent wasted expenses. By installing one high quality product like Whalenado HVLS Fans – you can pay for it in a few years with the energy savings. It is easy to save energy with HVLS fans.

Did you Know?

One 24 foot HVLS fan will use less power to operate when compared to thirty 36″ ceiling fans.

One 24 foot HVLS fan will provide an airflow of over 397,701 cfm – a large number compared to the 12,000-20,500 created by conventional ceiling fans.

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Employees Will Benefit

A hot and dry facility can not provide the same efficient output of production when compared to a space that is properly cooled by HVLS fans and equipment that will prevent air loss. By controlling the temperature inside a building, employers can decrease the amount of breaks required to keep the employees cool. Once cooled and equalized, staff moral will increase. Save energy with HVLS fans today by requesting a free energy audit with Northern Dock Systems.

Air flow results in an evaporative cooling benefit of 5-9°C.

Why Choose Northern Dock Systems

Since 2001, Northern Dock Systems has been able to save energy with HVLS fans, dock seals and a variety of innovative and high quality products. Consulting and evaluating the needs of the customer’s facility gives us the ability to prioritize cost saving measures and show the true value of preventive maintenance. To start the process and save energy with HVLS fans and other products, a 10 minute energy audit is conducted to identify where energy is being lost or overused. It is the education and return on investment consultation that will be the biggest advantage for any facility or warehouse manager.

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