With 2021 being a budget-conscious year for many companies, we have introduced many new buying options to make it easier for you to get the new equipment you need to improve your facility today.

Standard Term Financing

Pay now or pay later with our standard term financing. With our standard payment terms, you have 30 days to complete your payment on all new equipment.

Lease-to-Own Options

In addition to our standard terms, we are now offering new lease-to-own options for all new equipment purchases to provide more flexibility in gaining the equipment you need in your facility. Leasing plans can be for as a little as 12 months all the way up to 66 months.

  Lease-to-Own Financing Cash Purchase Bank Loan
Can I acquire the equipment I need without a substantial cash outlay? Yes No No, most banks require a down payment
Can I upgrade or add-on equipment without difficulty? Yes No No, most banks require you to reapply for another loan
Can I match my payments to my cash flow? Yes No No, the bank usually dictates your payment
Can I avoid affecting my bank line of credit? Yes No No, in fact, you’ll be affecting it a great deal
Can I delay payments until after the equipment begins to pay off? Yes No No, your payment begins when the loan starts
Can I get approval for my equipment in one day? Yes N/A No, it could take days or even weeks
Are there potential tax advantages? Yes No No
Fees No   No Yes, user and maintenance fees

Get the Equipment You Need Today

Don’t let tight budgets prevent you from getting the reliable and durable equipment you need right now to keep your efficiency up. Replace your old and worn equipment with ease with these new leasing options, so that way you’re not constantly worrying when it will break down next along with the costly downtime and repair costs.

Contact us today to learn how you get the equipment you need now within your budget.

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