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Removing the old lift table

Installation Removing old dock lift table


Installing the new Blue Giant Dock Lift Table

Installation - Blue Giant Stationary Dock Lift (DL5-60X96-10)

Project Overview

Time to Replace the Old with the New

The dock lift table was at the end of its lifespan and was having issues due to its age. The chain had broken off the ground loading lip making it impossible for staff to lift it into the upright position. Additionally, they were having issues with power to the dock lift table. Even though they had years of use from this old lift, it had reached the end of its lifespan. It was time to remove and replace it with a newer model.

Old and Worn Dock Lift Table

Before rust worn Old Lift Table

The New and Improved Dock Lift Table

They reached out to us for this tricky lift table replacement installation for this narrow downtown Toronto alleyway. We replaced this old lift table with a new Blue Giant Dock Lift. Furthermore, we made some design changes to improve safety and make operating the lift table easier.

Blue Giant Dock Lift Table

Installation - Blue Giant Stationary Dock Lift (DL5-60X96-10)

Protecting Against Pinched Fingers

First off, we removed the guard rails from the back of the deck. By having guardrails against the building’s wall, there was a risk that employees could pinch their fingers between the rail and the wall.

Risk of Pinching Fingers on
Back Guardrail

Before rust worn Old Lift Table

No Risk of Pinching and
Easy Ground Level Loading

After - Blue Giant Stationary Dock Lift (DL5-60X96-10) swing gate

Smoother Ground-Level Loading

Next, we removed the front lip for trailer bed loading. Due to the narrow alleyway, it was impossible for trucks to back up straight to the lift. As a result, all loading and unloading was done at ground level. Instead, we made sure that the dock could be lowered to ground level and added a gate on the front side of the deck. By switching out the lip for a gate, we were able to save our customer money on the installation.

Improved Safety

In order to improve safety and stay compliant with safety regulations, dual personnel safety chains were added to the remaining three sides of the lift. Additionally, we added a hi-vis yellow pedestrian door where employees can enter and exit the lift to minimize the risks of an accident happening.

The Lift can be Left in the Up Position

Moreover, we added a WOG value so that the retail store can leave the lift in the up position, without it creeping down. Due to this, we made sure to add a safety accordion skirt to prevent accidents from happening underneath the lift.

Increased Security

In order to make sure that only employees could use the lift, we replaced the push button station with a lockout key switch for when it is not in use.

Safety Chains and
Pedestrain Door

After - Swing Gate and Lift Table Controls

The Store Manager and employees were very impressed when we commissioned the dock. Great upgrade for them overall and a relief not to have to worry about the dock not working unexpectedly for deliveries/pick ups. Were very happy about the key lock out on the push button as they are downtown Toronto in an alley hidden from most view. 

Lockout Key Switch

Lift Table Controls



Toronto, Ontario

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