Last Update: August 21, 2020

Safety and Productivity is Key

The health of our families, employees and customers is our number one priority as Canada continues to take measures to slow the spread against COVID-19.

We built our business in 2001 centred around our core values: honesty, integrity, improving safety, productivity, and reducing energy consumption. This is why we have taken these measures to ensure our staff and customer’s safety, security and productivity during this challenging time.

As a company, we started making an investment in our digital infrastructure back in 2017 for remote capabilities, cloud storage and data retention. This has allowed us to offer unique advantages to our operations and now the ability to continue servicing customers without any delay in operations.

How Customers Can Count on Us

  • We have activated a new work-from-home policy for office employees.
  • All of our offices are increasing sanitation measures.
  • Mississauga and Calgary remain open for deliveries during weekdays.
  • Customers will still have the ability to make service and emergency service request by email at service@northerndocksystems.comor 1-866-601-1758.
  • We are adding special requirements under all customer locations to comply with any temporary operational request or sanitary procedures.
  • We are holding meetings to review the importance of everyone’s health and ways departments can keep operations running without any issues.
  • All employees are asked to follow a “no contact” policy including sharing of electronic devices and equipment to protect themselves and customers.
  • We are closely monitoring the situation and keeping all employees informed of local, provincial and countrywide updates plus precautionary measures.

Current Service Calls and Projects

  • Our business remains in full operation 24/7, 365 days a year and so does any pending service calls, new equipment installations or preventative maintenance calls.
  • At this time there is no delay or adjustments for parts or equipment orders and our installation/service teams will contact you with regular updates
  • We understand many of our customers continue to operate to supply goods and services to our communities and may have new safety policies or procedures. If you have any new procedures during this time, please email our service department at

General Safety Procedures for Field Technicians

  • We are running continuous online training programs with employees on how to protect themselves from COVID-19 and how to spot the symptoms. A digital copy of the training is sent to every employee to review regularly.
  • Daily check-ins to monitor health and review safety precautions, contact with others and travel.
  • Disinfectant kits were given to every employee and instructed to clean their workspaces, trucks, PPE and tools.
  • All employees are requested to wash their hands frequently with soap for 20 seconds and to not touch their face.
  • All employees are asked to follow a “no-touch” policy including the sharing of electronic devices and equipment, handshakes, sign-in sheets or getting signatures to protect themselves and customers.
  • All employees are asked to practice social distancing by keeping a 2-meter distance from others.
  • We are complying with temporary operational requests and additional sanitary procedures for all of our customers.

On-Site Procedures for Field Technicians

  1. Do not sign into sign in books. Explain to the manager that this is a safety measure.
  2. Prior to entering any building, ensure you have your disinfectant kit.
  3. Prior to entering, put on rubber gloves, safety glasses and the accredited medical mask.
  4. Prior to entering the building, spray the bottom of your boots with alcohol solution.
  5. Only enter through a door closest to the asset and only use this door from then on, if possible.
  6. Request for other workers in the area, if there are any, to keep a 2-meter from your workspace.
  7. Follow a “no-touch” policy including the sharing of electronic devices and equipment, handshakes, sign-in sheets or getting signatures when job completed while at site.
  8. Before touching any parts that need to be replaced/repaired, spray with alcohol solution.
  9. Any parts that are removed must go straight into the garbage bag. DO NOT throw these items into the site garbage cans/bins.
  10. Once complete, disinfect common points on contact like slide locks, installed panels etc.
  11. Once complete, advise the manager from a safe distance and exit the building through the same door.
  12. Once outside, spray bottom of boots with alcohol.
  13. Perform zero contact disinfection of all door handles.
  14. Disinfect tools, door handles and steering wheel in truck.
  15. Before entering the truck, remove rubber gloves and mask and throw into garbage bags, making sure not to touch the edge of the bag used to tie it. Spray safety glasses with alcohol.
  16. Before entering truck, wash hands with soap or hand sanitizer for 20 seconds.
  17. Roll out to next call.

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