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Preventive maintenance on air-powered dock leveler

Debris and garbage cleaned up from multiple dock levelers

Project Overview

To prevent downtime and safety hazards from dock levelers failing, this food retail location in Wetaskiwin Alberta schedules regular preventive maintenance inspections on their air-powered docks.

During a preventive maintenance inspection, our technician will:

  • Inspect structural components for safety issues such as broken welds
  • Inspect toe guards for safety issues
  • Inspect airbags for any punctures, tears or damage
  • Lubricate hinges, springs and pull action chain
  • Clean pit of debris and garbage

This grocery and retail location is making sure to do their due diligence with these regular PMP visits. As a result, they are fully prepared for safety inspections and food audits. Along with being able to reduce repair costs by fixing avoidable damage before it becomes a problem.


Wetaskiwin, Alberta

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