2014 has been a successful year for customers across North America with energy saving and warehouse improvements. We show 4 simple ideas that have improved our customers operations over the past year.

#1 HVLS Fans reduce energy consumption and lower gas bills

HVLS Fans offer customers a fast return on investment since they continuously push down heat that is trapped in the ceiling during winters. This heat is redistributed around the warehouse space equalizing temperatures and employees. When a building is correctly heated, less stress is placed on a HVAC systems resulting in less wasted energy consumption.

This one time installation will provide cost savings year over year. Contact Us to schedule a free energy audit and quote.

#2 High speed doors increase productivity by reducing wait times during open/close cycles

High speed doors and high speed operators allow you to ensure your doors operate quickly without extended wait times or pauses. Allow your employees easy, safe and fast passageways when you install or upgrade to a high speed door solution.

Fabric, sectional or sliding doors all have the potential to operate more efficiently and can be programmed to cycle on your terms. Activate with sensors and/or at the push of a button. Close with delays or rely on safety stops when objects are detected.

A Stealth door operator can be retrofitted to existing doors using either a right angle or straight shaft connection.

Evaluate your needs and we can show you which high speed option is best for you.

#3 Keep just the bugs out with fabric bug doors

Large or small facilities will benefit when bug doors are installed alongside overhead doors. Allow the summer breeze in at loading dock bays without contaminating your interior facility.

Bug Doors create a temporary barrier when you need it. Pull them down or retract them at a moments notice.

#4 Weather proofing should always be rodent proofing

Overhead doors and loading bays should all be upgraded to this universal solution to keep rodents and pest out all year round. The brush construction deters animals and rodents from entering due to the lightly abrasive fibers. Unlike thin “u-shaped” plastic seals, the brushed seal cannot be chewed through resulting in the entire unit needing replacement.

This one time installation will provide instant results. Contact Us to schedule a free audit and quote to upgrade your door seals.



Additional ways to improve your warehouse include:

Dock Seal and Shelters

Dock Levelers

Dock Bumpers

Safety Barriers

Dock Communication

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