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Project Overview

Overhead door repairs are one of our most common service calls as minute issues can lead to major problems and safety hazards in the blink of an eye. Our service technician was called in for an emergency overhead door repair in Edmonton to prevent a major safety hazard from happening.

Once he reached the location and checked in, he inspected the overhead door to check for any inefficiencies and potential safety hazards. Through root cause discovery, he found a frayed cable and damaged weather seal. A frayed cable is a major safety concern because if the cable breaks, the door could fall on whoever is passing underneath it. In addition, damaged weather seal is another safety concern because gaps can let pests in along with water and snow which can create a slippery surface.

After finding the safety concerns, our Edmonton service technician got to work on a first-time fix by:

  • Back winding spring to remove cables and bottom section.   
  • Making new cables to fit the door and installed the cables and bottom section.
  • Adding tension to the door spring and servicing the door to eliminate any operational efficiencies.
  • Removing damaged weather seal.
  • Measuring, cutting and installing U-shaped rubber weather seal to the door.
  • Testing door the door’s operation to ensure that there are no other issues before packing up, cleaning up, checking out and leaving the location after a first-time fix.

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Edmonton, Alberta

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