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Project Overview

The slow and outdated rolling steel doors at this very busy shipping area in George Brown College required constant service repair calls. Since the 30-year-old doors were so slow, trucks were constantly hitting the bottom of the door and even the barrel. As a result, the door and position would be out of order until we came to repair it. Causing unnecessary downtime and repair costs for the college.


Old and slow rolling steel doors that were constantly being hit


In order to prevent accidental impacts with the door, we installed new high-speed rubber doors in their loading dock. These doors are much faster and smoother than the previous rolling steel doors because of their springless direct drive operators. Furthermore, these operators are built to last as they have 1,000,000 cycle or 5-year warranty.

Lastly, even if the door is accidentally hit, the heavy-duty design can withstand the impact and it can easily be reset in minutes. Therefore it reduces this loading bay’s downtime.

In addition to installing the door, we designed, manufactured and installed custom height clearance bars. These bars are bolted with 6-inch wedge anchors at 12 anchor points per clearance bar so trucks will hit the bar and not the door housing. Rather than having the previous plastic height clearance bars that did not stop any impact from trucks.


Toronto, Ontario

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