Ensuring your loading bays are safe is a vital part of running your business. No matter what industry you are in, maintaining a safe workplace is essential to your success and employee health.

Ministry Enforcement Blitz Targets Loading Dock Areas

During yearly inspections from the ministry of labour, your loading docks and loading areas may be inspected to ensure overstep is being taken to protect your workforce.

During these inspections, the focus is to ensure high risk hazards are not present in the environment – and if found – can be removed to avoid injury or loss of life. Working smart can save lives, avoid injury and ensure everyone is safe.

The Top Causes For Loss Of Life (2001-2010)

• Pinned between forklifts
• Pinned between a loading dock and truck or trailer
• Pinned between a truck and trailer
• Struck by or run over by a truck
• Struck by falling items that were not secured
• Struck by a falling dock plate

Source: http://www.labour.gov.on.ca/english/news/bg_loading.php

Training New and Young Employee For Safety

In addition to inspections centred around equipment – the ministry also focuses on employee education on the job. This knowledge will ensure an employee understands the proper procedures, safety precautions and uses for all equipment.

Beginning May 1, Ministry of Labour inspectors will check that employers are complying with Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act. This will include checking that new and young workers:
• Are properly informed, instructed and supervised on the job
• Meet minimum age requirements
• Follow required safety measures and procedures to prevent injuries

Source: labour.gov.ca

This applies to any workplace. Always remember to educate employees about workplace safety measures and policies. Accidents can be prevented.


Equipment Training

Northern Dock Systems has been training workplace employees on manual and powered equipment.

preventive maintenancePreventive Maintenance

Northern Dock Systems has an extensive Preventive Maintenance Program to help you identify and repair critical equipment concerns. Additionally, each PMP report catalogues all equipment to give you an in-depth analysis to show the ministry during inspections. Regular inspections and documentation are key to show a company is being proactive about safety.

Learn more about Preventive Maintenance Reports

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