Griffith Foods

A Customer Success Story from Northern Dock Systems

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Project Overview

Griffith had concerns with insects, pests, drafts and white light entering their facility through open dock doors.

They contacted Northern Dock Systems and we created an automatic dock door system that is only triggered by forklifts to control pests and prevent temperature loss. This system consists of:

  • Motion sensors that detect when forklifts (and not people) are going in and coming out.
  • Red and green safety lights to let forklift drivers know when they can proceed.
  • High-speed operator to open doors up to 4x faster.
  • Brush weather seal to prevent insects, pests, drafts and white light from entering the facility when the door is closed.
  • Custom door signs with company logo and dock position.

With their new automatic dock doors and safety system, Griffith employees can complete their work faster and without delay of having to open to close the doors themselves. Also, they were given peace of mind that their products would be protected from contaminants and pests because doors were no longer being left open unnecessarily and the brush weather seal created a tight seal.

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