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Hormann Speed-Commander 1200 Dock-Master/Screen-Master

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1200 Dock-Master/Screen-Master overview

The Speed-Commander 1200 Dock-Master/Screen-Master is a low frequency use door designed to be raised or lowered with a constant pressure push button at a speed of 14″/second, making it the ideal solution for overhead garage doors.

A low frequency use door with easily interchangeable panels

Dock-Master/Screen-Master panels are easily interchangeable: transform your Dock-Master into a Screen-Master without the need of special tools. Dock-Master doors come with solid panels that are easily switched out with Screen-Master’s ventilated panels during warm summer months while still preventing outside contaminants from entering the facility.

Easily change solid panels to ventilated panels or vice versa without using any special tools
Light grid

Increase safety with an optional built-in light grid

When automatic closing is required, Hormann offers an optional built-in light grid for added safety that is completely free of coil cords. The light grid on each low frequency use door eliminates the need for a panel reversing edge, which is typically vulnerable to damage, resulting in a reduction in maintenance and downtime.

Ventilate areas with optional screen panels

The 1200 Dock-Master/Screen-Master comes in a sectional panel design. The panels are connected using aluminum profiles which allows for fast panel replacement when required. Its high-strength, polyester screen material can be interchanged with the solid panels in order to provide ventilation during the warmer months. This panel can be easily interchanged without special tools and is the solution to help prevent airborne contaminants such as birds and insects from entering the building.

Screen panel

Ideal applications

Speed-Commander 1200 Dock-Master/Screen-Master doors are meant for loading dock door openings, dumpster doorways and platform docks.


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Speed-Commander 1200 Dock-Master

Hormann Speed-Commander 1200 Dock-Master uses a sectional panel design with solid material that seals off outside contaminants. Panels are easily interchangeable with the Screen-Master.

Speed-Commander 1200 Screen-Master

The Speed-Commander 1200 Screen-Master uses high-strength polyester screen panels to ventilate areas during warm summer months while preventing contaminants such as dust, birds and insects from entering the facility. Similar to the Dock-Master, these ventilated panels are easily interchangeable with solid panels without the use of special tools.

Model comparison chart

  1200 Dock-Master 1200 Screen-Master
Exterior application size range Up to 10'x10' Up to 14'x14'
Interior application size range
Up to 14'x14'
Exterior panel
High-impact and tear-resistant material
Interior panel
Panel type Solid Screen
Opening speed
Up to 14"/sec
Closing speed
Up to 14"/sec
Exterior application colours
Black, blue
Interior application colours
Orange, blue, yellow, red, gray
Guide tracks
Galvanized steel
Direct drive
Control box
Basic non-timer, 110V/single-phase/60 Hz


• High-strength polyester mesh screen material.
• Light grid.
• Full-width, clear PVC starting approximately 52" off the floor.


• Motor and panel material: 3 years.
• All other mechanical and electrical components free from defects: 1 year.

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